Wedding Party

The people we love, standing by our sides.

Matron of Honor

Christi Hamrick

ChristiWhen I was a young bright-eyed college student, I heard an admittedly somewhat cheesy quote that rang deep and true to me: “A friend hears the song in your heart and sings it back to you when your memory fails.” It was around that same time that I first Julie. Through the last 12 years, she has been that friend to me — her passion inspires, her wisdom speaks truth, her love of the Lord and others encourages.

I’m so grateful for the memories we share: girly movies, late-night talks, tears, laughter (a couple times until falling on the floor — literally), dressing up to go out for dessert, our “country” phase (one week, mind you), driving to Florida and back for spring break singing Shania Twain at the top of our lungs, graduation, beach trips, baby showers and more. Such as life, we’ve had our ups and downs, and she’s always been there — a true friend.

From the start of Julie and Brad dating, I could tell there was something different, wonderful and true about this man. For the first time, I felt a peace for Julie I didn’t know had been missing. Even though I didn’t know what the future of the relationship held, I did know that Brad would be the kind of man to guard Julie’s heart through the process. He has ended up being that and so much more (yay!). He is the man who embraces Julie’s passion for life and joy of the Lord, who isn’t intimidated by her strengths but calls them out in her that much more, who understands the reality of life while living with an eternal perspective, and who is as wonderful a father as she is a mother. I am so, so excited and honored to stand with them, support them and pray for them as they take on this next adventure together. I love you, Julie Friend!

Best Man

Scott Luczywo

ScottI’ve known Brad for what seems like his whole life. And it was from a very young age I realized he’d make a great guy to beat on, tease about his hats, and just have a great time with…at his expense of course. It’s probably hard to figure from our very common last name, but yes, we are related. I’m the middle brother in the family and Brad’s elder by just over four years. I think it’s safe to say that Brad and I are much closer now than when we were young. I’m the South Carolinian of the family with a great wife (Sarah) and three girls ages 9 (Taylor), 5 (Kaitlyn) and almost 3 (Brynn). I’ve been married for going on 12 years and once the kids are out of the house, we’ll be able to talk to each other again. It’ll be great! I work from home while nursing all the injuries I sustained playing basketball each morning but my job isn’t the most exciting venture in the world so I won’t go into details other than say it pays the bills. While I’ve technically known Julie longer than Brad has, I’m quite certain that he knows her better. Sarah is excited to get another sister in the family and the girls are excited to get another aunt and cousin. Congrats Brad and Julie! Can’t wait to celebrate with you…and eat cake.

The Girls

Suzy Rowe

Julie and SuzyYo yo yo… I’ve known the bride, Julie, for as long as I can remember. Literally, there’s not a time I can remember when she WASN’T there. It is almost like we are related or something?!

All I know is that in all my years knowing Julie, I have certainly never seen her squeal as much as she has since meeting Brad. And for anyone who knows Julie, breaking previous squealing records is kind of a big deal. Good job Brad. Cheers to your next adventure together!

Jo Rowe

IMG_2244Who is she!? She is the BRIDE to be
Which hereditarily brings us to me.
Who Am I? I am the sister of she.

One, of two sisters,
Who have watched her sort through all of her misters

These misters she sorted, never seemed just right
And thankfully, they are now just blimps from her love seeking plight.

Many times over the loveless years she would lament.
Many of those times bonding as sisters we have spent.

From growing, living, and working together. (yes living together as adults, and working at the same place)
I learned so well she is someone who I must always treasure.

I learned She wears her heart on her sleeve,
and in that heart I will always believe

I also learned that Julie prefers Oranges to apples.
Be warned, if you eat her last orange, leaving only apples—get ready to grapple!

Through this new season with new family and love–and hopefully a variety of fruit.
I will keep in my heart, all the good times, such as those mentioned above.

Her loveless plight is over and a new chapter almost begins.
With “Mr. Brad” and family — something for which not a soul chagrins.

Just around the corner a celebration awaits.(May 22nd!!! so soon, Yippee!!!!)
The joining of Miss Juie and Mr. Brad. We all shall elate!!

Silvia D’Amico

SylviaMy name is Silvia and I’m the bride’s sister-in-law. I was born and raised in Italy but moved to the US after marrying Isaac in 2010. When all the Rowe family came to our wedding in Palermo, Sicily, it was clear that Julie was the one prepared for any unexpected situation: the airline lost all their luggage but Julie had almost everything they needed, including band aids and peroxide! In the past 6 years we got to spend a lot of time together and became very good friends. I am overjoyed that she found the man of her dreams and am excited to be able to take part in celebrating her marriage to Brad!

Aubrey Quinn

aubreyI am so excited Julie and Brad asked me to be a part of their big day! Julie and I became close friends quickly, as our life circumstances were quite similar. Over the last couple of years, Julie and I have both seen God’s plan crystallize in our lives in amazing ways! Julie has been a great support along my journey and in my new marriage. I’m so excited that she’s going to be able to use all those caring qualities that make her so wonderful with her new family. Brad and Julie were made for each other.

The Guys

Todd Luczywo

toddWhen I first met Brad, it was not on my terms. There I was, on a first grade field trip at the park having a good time, when out of nowhere my dad shows up to pick me up. He said, “Todd, we are going to go to the hospital to see your new baby brother.” I could not believe that I was going to miss my field trip! I am the oldest of the three boys and Brad is 6.5 years younger than me so it was always tougher to do things with him than it was with Scott. Vacation memories were always fun as well. Having Brad gave me someone to pick on in the car. We would put him in the middle seat and pretty much torture him for hours. The 2.5 week out west trip gave me plenty of time to pick on him without him fighting back. It gave me something to do, since I didn’t have any personal devices like we have now. One other memory I have is when Brad bought a laptop in 8th grade. I guess you could say his career path was in place well before mine was. But, Brad and I actually have many things in common, such as our personality and life events that we both had to experience. We were able to find some common ground and talk about things on a deeper level. We also very much look like we are brothers as well. I live in Peninsula with my wife (Jacquelyn) of almost 3 years and 5 children (Kayley, 15, Cole, 12, Carter, 10, Aiden, 8, and Dylan 6). Both my wife and I work from home, which is interesting: I as a Social Worker and my wife as a Global Strategic Account Manager. We are both excited that Brad and Julie have found each other and excited to add Julie to our family. We are very happy that God has blessed both Brad and Julie with someone to spend the rest of their lives with and complete their family.

Jim Pickehheim

jimI’m Jim Pickenheim, and I live outside of Cleveland with my wife, Leslie, and our two children, Logan and Kaela. My wife and I met Brad through church almost ten years ago. We were part of the same community group, and our friendship grew from there. I am so excited to be a part of Brad and Julie’s wedding! For approximately the past four years, my family has prayed every single night for Brad and his future wife. We are sharing in their joy, blessings, and excitement! They are a wonderful example of God’s faithfulness and love.

Isaac Rowe

isaacMy name is Isaac Rowe, and I am the oldest son and 2nd oldest overall, as I know Julie is very happy about! She is a firstborn and isn’t afraid to show it! Julie and I were always close growing up, and it is no secret that marriage and motherhood are dear to her heart. Life is a beautiful journey, and Julie is full of life and knows how to enjoy it! It doesn’t feel like long ago and we were going to school together, and fighting about silly childish things. I will never forget all the times growing up when she would decide for all of us that we were going to play house, and she was going to be the mother! None of us got to choose our roles, and she was quick to tell us what our roles would be! Sometimes, me or Sam even had to play the family dog! Hard to believe we thought it was fun at the time! :) It may have started as a game but that “pretend” family is becoming reality. Julie has the true heart of a wife and mother, and I know God is allowing her to fulfill that dream she has always carried. I couldn’t be happier to see this dream come into reality.

Sam Rowe

SamSam could be the coolest person ever to exist. Researchers in a Harvard lab for the analysis of cool recently developed a statistical model by aggregating data from all the coolest people throughout history. Its purpose is to create an objective measure by which how cool someone really is can be compared to anyone who has ever lived. They chose a 20 point scale where 20 is the coolest ever, and 0 is not very cool at all. To provide some reference, Michael Jackson scored a 6. Sam, however, scored a 3,000!! I know, that number isn’t even supposed to exist on the scale. The scientists were just as astonished. Estimates of Sam’s initial coolness were in the high teens, as it seemed obvious to the researchers he was at least 2 or 3 times cooler than Mr. Jackson. But, 3,000 exceeded all possible parameters. The sad part is that Julie, Sam’s sister, was measured and scored a 10,000. The lab is investigating the validity of these results. But for now, we’ll have to assume it’s possible that Julie is indeed the coolest person to ever exist.

Her coolness is so great, that only someone as dominantly dope and radically rad as Brad could’ve gotten her to commit to this intense awesomeness for a lifetime. I believe other laboratories are investigating how their love might be used to fuel future missions to Mars, as it’s now been determined to be the most powerful source of energy on the planet. There is some reluctance to participate on their part, as these missions may interfere with the daily operations of raising their 3 beautiful children. But I don’t doubt that when mankind calls for them, they’ll be there. And most importantly, they’ll be there for each other. Which when you think about it, it is at least a few times cooler than any mission to Mars. I love you Brad and Julie. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this unforgettable day!